Holiday [Safe] Gift Guide

Now that all the turkey leftovers are gone, welcome to the season of gift shopping and stocking stuffing. Looking for the perfect gift for [fill in the blank]? Consider being a little more careful this year when shopping for [fill in the blank]. (Seriously. Because you always need to be more careful).

Who Can See Me?

Facebook paying up in Belgium?

A privacy watchdog group, Commission for the Protection of Privacy, in Belgium sued Facebook for storing data of people who don’t even have a facebook account. If they don’t adhere to the court’s ruling, it’s gonna cost them big time. More than $250,000 a day, big time.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Cloud Galaxy

Cloud computing is the biggest, most misunderstood concept in modern day computing. It’s flexible, low cost, and more efficient- who wouldn’t like it? But most people don’t even understand what it is or how it works. Aside from being a confusing technology for the average computer user, there wasn’t much for the cloud as far […]

Latest Security News: What’s Cracking?

Search: Facebook Facebook announced a major upgrade to the social network’s search engine. The search feature, which until now would show groups, events, and posts linked to your friends, is going to show trending posts and other content which “people are talking about”. Suggestions will be personalized to users, based on groups they are in, […]

Top Security News: The Weekly Update

Here’s the top news in the mobile security world. We bring you everything you need to know to stay safe and use your devices wisely! Safe Harbor: What’s going on? Until now there was a long standing agreement, the Safe Harbor agreement, between the US and the EU on how private data can be transferred […]

Dear Aran

Dear Aran Khanna, We’ve recently heard of the news that Facebook cancelled your internship after highlighting a major privacy issue with their messenger product. We know the feeling of finding an issue that could potentially put at risk hundred of millions of users, we’ve been there too. While we’re pretty bummed out about the outcome of your incredible […]

Top Security News: Weekly Update

Here’s what’s new this week and what you need to know to stay safe and secure online! We’ll gather the top info for you, so you don’t have to.   “Log in with Facebook”- Not What It Seems? What if you knew Facebook was giving over your information to other apps? Facebook, one of the […]

The Boston Consulting Group

Customer Expectations of Privacy vs. Consumer Empowerment

Are we there yet? Consumer Empowerment I mean. Surely there are difficult hurdles to be overcome before we can even speak of true Consumer Empowerment?
Hurdles such as how our data is being collected, enriched for segmentation or profiling purposes, and shared with third parties are still being debated.

Public by default and Private by effort

Was one of the closing remarks of the Pew Research’s presentation at this year’s Austin held South By South West, #SXSW15: The Changing Privacy Landscape. Quoting Danah Boyd, in one of the last slides presenting Americans’ Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden, Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, detailed the social […]