Did Pokémon Go Catch Your Permissions?

Augmented reality gaming sensation Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. As millions of users wander the streets collecting Pikachus, the game’s developer Niantic Inc. is collecting information about the collectors themselves. And it’s definitely catching them all.

Why We All Have Something To Hide

“I honestly don’t see what the big deal is; it’s not like I have anything to hide”

How many times have we heard that response when discussing the risk of our private information being exposed.

We’re Live!

The MyPermissions team has been working hard to get our product to be the best it can be, and we’re excited to bring you what we believe is the best version of our product, yet.

The Real Privacy Battle

“Privacy” and “Security” are core democratic values, and one of them may be at stake now. What Happened? Following the San Bernardino massacre this past December, investigations hit a roadblock, and the FBI asked Apple for their help in unlocking one of the gunmen, Syed Farook’s, iPhone.

What’s up, Cyber World?

On “Safer Internet Day”, celebrated earlier this month, President Obama announced the Cybersecurity National Action Plan. The earmarked budget is 19 billion dollars (so we know they mean business).

The American Understanding of Privacy

Following the Snowden scandal, Pew Research Center set out on an journey to understand better how America feels about privacy. This 2 ½ year long study explored how Americans view personal information captured by government surveillance and for commercial transactions done online.

#DataPrivacyDay- Top Tips

On this international day dedicated to respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust- were here with a refresher course on how to achieve those goals. What can I do to #ProtectMyData?

MWC: Start App Nation Reps

The Mobile World Conference is the largest gathering in the mobile industry. Held annually in Barcelona, the conference brings together the top mobile minds to discuss, showcase, and make moves. Anyone who’s anyone, representing essentially every company in the mobile (and support for mobile) industry is in attendance.

2016: What’s in Store?

Welcome to 2016! After the hangovers, and the last of the trash bags from the party has been cleared out, time to get ready for what this year has in store.