#DataPrivacyDay- Top Tips

On this international day dedicated to respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust- were here with a refresher course on how to achieve those goals.

What can I do to #ProtectMyData?

Here’s our Top ten tips:data-privacy-day-14-623x422

  1. Get The Latest
    Get the latest security software. These firewalls, anti virus programs, and other protection technologies are the best protections against scams and hackers. Use them!

  2. Be A Safe Shopper
    only shop on websites that have https or the padlock to the right of the URL. use a credit card and not a debit card online, because credit card companies will more likely help you out if you have been fraudulently pressed.

  3. Stop With the Lame Passwords
    enough “12345” and start with “sW^15J!tx4”. significantly more accounts with insecure passwords are hacked. So many people with these unsafe passowrds use the same bad one for all their accounts. Use more complex passwords and varied ones for your various accounts.

  4. WiFi Protection
    Protect your wifi connection by ensuring it is password protected, so that sketchy people aren’t hanging around following your moves on the same network, and change your network settings frequently.

  5. Just Be Smart
    not every email needs to be opened and not every link needs to be clicked on. be sensitive to phishing and sketchy files, use your head, and if something looks not right- it probably isn’t.

  6. Minimize Services
    You don’t need all those services running all at once. deactivate or delete the ones you don’t need (there’s probably a few of those) and automatically minimize the risk of being compromised. This will reduce the ways you make your computer available to others.

  7. Don’t Just Shrug Your Shoulders
    take another look at your security settings, and if something looks not right, limit your settings. it’s ok to limit what you share with others.

  8. Be Careful About What You Post
    same goes for social media. be careful of what you post, read the security settings (they exist for a reason!), and don’t post personal information. its called “personal” for a reason.

  9. Split Your Emails
    Don’t just lazily link all your accounts to one email address. create different accounts, linking other accounts to the different email addresses. split it by area, one email for all social accounts, and another for financial or business accounts.

  10. MyPermissions
    Gives you the tools to own your online presence. Understand what permissions are granted to who, and which sites are snooping in your personal info.
    C’mon.Your info, own it.

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