MWC: Start App Nation Reps



The Mobile World Conference is the largest gathering in the mobile industry. Held annually in Barcelona, the conference brings together the top mobile minds to discuss, showcase, and make moves. Anyone who’s anyone, representing essentially every company in the mobile (and support for mobile) industry is in attendance. 2015 attendees claimed they got more business done during the four day conference than in the entire year before. MWC is highly concentrated with the best mobile minds- a hub of the future of the mobile industry.


Why Barsa?

Mobile World Capital Barcelona has a vision to transform Barcelona into a digital and mobile hub, honing the sharpest and best technological innovation and improving the quality of people’s lives. The public and private sectors promote education in the field, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation, making Barcelona the prime location for this conference year after year.



Israel is hitting it big there in 2016. Nearly 100 Israeli companies will be showcased next month at the world renowned event.

The Israeli ministry of economy published StartAppNation a report featuring all the Israeli companies headed to the conference. The companies span every possible category, and several of every kind- Israelis got them covered. Users worldwide don’t even realize how many of their everyday activities are supported by mobile apps developed and cultivated in Israel.

In a summary of the report, five apps were chosen to exemplify the long list of Israeli companies. We know you can guess who’s up there; we’re happy to represent the top Israeli security apps headed to Barcelona next month!


Leading German computer magazine, PCWelt (PC World) also caught up on the hype of our recently released extension. In a piece addressing the dangers that come along with mindlessly logging into new accounts using your Facebook login, MyPermissions scores major points. Solution? The MyPermissions extension scans all such accounts, shows the assigned permissions on our own website, and provides an immediate link to delete these permissions. PCWelt gets it- it’s all in the small steps you can take to stay safe.


We can’t wait to report back on how successful Barcelona was! Stay tuned, and stay safe 🙂


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