2016: What’s in Store?

Welcome, 2016..jpg

Welcome to 2016!

After the hangovers, and the last of the trash bags from the party has been cleared out, time to get ready for what this year has in store.

2016 is expected to be the ‘Year of the Exploit’, where cyber crime is going to be of higher impact than ever before.


Therefore, governments are going to increase their attempted defenses against it– investing in more sophisticated technology to defend against (and ultimately prevent) attacks. More advanced analytics will hit the scene that will help us understand who is entering the networks, what they are doing, and how and with what are they leaving? additionally, cyber legislation is already tightening and accountability rising.

It is imperative to remember, that there is no quick fix. No magic software exists that can completely protect you. The best move however, is in the combination of security measures and layers. Fight the fight with more than one single soldier.



So, what are the new threats we need to be aware of? How can we better protect ourselves in the new security frontiers that 2016 is bringing with it?


Mobile Web Browsing

For hackers, this is an increasing trend. Through exposing a vulnerability on your mobile browser they can gain remote access to your entire phone. Experts expect this to see a dramatic increase in the first half of 2016, and in general to serve as a more threatening reality than ever before- in number and its impact.


Mobile Payment Hacking

Experts are saying the leading mobile payment services, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay will be seriously compromised this coming year. Hackers will get better at analyzing the system so they can identify vulnerabilities and find ways to bypass the system. Stolen credit card info is bad news for everyone, specifically when it’s added to an account on something like Apple Pay and then used in regular stores.
Peer to peer payment services (Venmo, for example) will also be prone to closer watch by hackers, who are expected to start transferring money to fake accounts which they can access.


IoT Vulnerability

As more day to day devices become internet enabled, but without proper security measures to meet their tremendous capabilities and exposure, these devices are very quickly going to turn into our most dangerous best friends. Recent examples such as Vtech, the toy giant’s line that was compromised, the new Hello Barbie, and even car hacking, are small tastes of how our most routine activities are beginning to be infiltrated with hidden dangers.


The threats are increasing as the technology evolves, but the security measures are unabashedly falling behind. The security measures will indeed step up their game in 2016, although users need to be made aware of the sensitivity and measures of their exposure. We need not be blinded by the opportunities the technologies provide us.

Software vendors and Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers need to increase focus on security when they develop their Internet-connected products.

General rule of thumb, anything that’s connected to the internet in any way, can and probably will be hacked; nothing is 100% secure.


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