The Hitchhikers Guide to the Cloud Galaxy

Cloud computing is the biggest, most misunderstood concept in modern day computing.
It’s flexible, low cost, and more efficient- who wouldn’t like it? But most people don’t even understand what it is or how it works.
Aside from being a confusing technology for the average computer user, there wasn’t much for the cloud as far as standardization and international security regulations go.

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, published commonly accepted guidelines meant to protect information shared on the cloud. By defining the terminology used, and setting ground rules for working with the cloud- who is allowed to do and when- a new global standard was new ISO standards (27018) draw on expert knowledge from around the world and set basic guidelines upon which security measures for the cloud will continue to develop.

Cloud users have no fear! These are the main elements of the standard, trying to make it easier for you to understand.
*Personal Info includes anything relating to you as an “Identifiable Natural Person”. this way, more info of yours is considered personal, and more of it will be protected.
*The user is called the “controller” and the cloud provider the “processor”. This terminology helps define the relationships between the users, the providers, and the information. Everyone can better understand their place in the cloud territory.
*A list of the components that the standard regulates- everything from asset management and control, to system acquisition, development and maintenance, to how compliance is assured.
*Transparency is key- ISO certification requires complete transparency from the provider in the areas enumerated.
*Providers must only process information at the customer’s instruction, be entirely transparent in their use of sub processors, and must ensure that all staff who come in contact with users information has signed privacy agreements and had adequate training.

This is cloud standardization at its early stages, and there’s lots to still grow from here. However, this will serve as a reference upon which later regulations will be further developed.
As long as cloud technologies continue evolving, so will the ISO guidelines to continue ensuring a safe and secure virtual storage space for user’s information and content.

MyPermissions cares about your internet safety. It’s crucial for us all to understand where our information is and who has access to it, especially on something like the cloud. In the quest for fast and easy computing our trust can be taken advantage of, and MyPermissions wants to help you learn what you can do to take control and protect yourself. You deserve transparency on all accounts and MyPermissions helps you stay safe and in charge.

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