Dear Aran

Dear Aran Khanna,

We’ve recently heard of the news that Facebook cancelled your internship after highlighting a major privacy issue with their messenger product. We know the feeling of finding an issue that could potentially put at risk hundred of millions of users, we’ve been there too. While we’re pretty bummed out about the outcome of your incredible discovery, we were also happy to hear that you made the most out of your experience.

At MyPermissions, we believe that the access and use of information should be a conscious and controlled choice. We’ve believed that for more than 3 years and unlike other companies, we made it our whole mission to protect user privacy.

We respect companies rights to build apps, and monetize those apps, and we want to support them doing so in a way that won’t damage trust with end users. We think that people are generally excited to experiment with new technologies, but that they appreciate (and deserve) transparency about just how the company plans to utilize or monetize their personal information.

We believe that the team at MyPermissions and you are cut from the same cloth. You’ve demonstrated that you prefer to put the end user good before your own.
To us you’re a privacy hero, and heroes should be celebrated and not shamed.

That’s why we’d like to extend you an offer for a paid internship at MyPermissions and help put an end to the massive privacy torture that millions of mobile users have to endure on a daily basis.

Yes, we’re based in Tel Aviv which is exactly 7,406 miles away from Mountain View, but the technology scene here is booming and you’ll have the chance to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and work alongside one of the best engineering team in the privacy world.

If you’d like to discuss that offer or just talk – reach out to me at @olivier_amar or send me an email at Olivier (at) domain of our company and let’s talk. Together we’ll do a lot of good in this world.


Olivier Amar

Think that Aran deserve better? Let him know that we have a great paid internship opportunity for him

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