Report: Facebook takes privacy seriously bans HasOffers!

Do you all remember the story about HasOffers owning up for violating people personal information? Peter Hamilton, their CEO was quoted as saying “MobileAppTracking platform was in violation of Facebook’s policies. Specifically, our MobileAppTracking platform inappropriately allowed advertisers to obtain device-level attribution and performance data. This was a mistake on our part”

Well, guess what? It looks like after doing the right thing and owning up back in September, they’ve been caught doing it again and this time Facebook has had enough.

If you visit the partners page on HasOffers you’ll see that Facebook isn’t there any more.  They’re gone from the Facebooks mobile measurement partner page too. This potentially is leaving a huge amount of advertising partners looking for other solutions.

There’s still no word from HasOffers or Facebook to confirm this, but we’ve heard from a couple of advertisers and they are less than pleased.

You have to give credit to Facebook for not putting up with privacy violations. Nice job. Hopefully this is the start a big clean up.

It will be interesting to see how other HasOffers integrated partners react to this and how it plays out.

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