Protect Your Google!

You asked for it, and, after lots of coffee, long hours, more coffee, and more long hours, we’re finally able to deliver the good news to all of our extension users: MyPermissions now offers real-time alerts for Google accounts!

From now on, you’ll be able to connect with Google and know that we’ll be there to let you know if your Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Drive Files, Picassa Pictures etc.. have been accessed and by who.

Why Google?

Forbes recently indicated that Google is the second largest social network now, making it all the more likely to be targeted for data tapping, since Google sign-up and registration can sometimes put people at risk for exposing ultra-sensitive information (like emails, drive documents, and more).

As our CEO, Olivier Amar, puts it, “Every time our users sign in with their Google account, their personal information, including any pictures or financial information becomes susceptible to misuse.” Especially considering “the sheer number of cross-platform services offered by Google, we wanted to incorporate real-time alerts for Google accounts to further extend online protection for our users.”

Given just how personal our digital inboxes, contacts, documents, photos, and more are, it’s important to us that we focus on making sure you’re protected at your most sensitive places.

How Can I Start Getting Notifications?

If you’ve already got the extension or add-on installed on your browser, no need to do a thing, it should update itself, and–as long as you’re signed into the extension and your Google account–you’ll get notifications without any other tweaking. You’ll be able to manage, control and monitor every application that’s connected to your Google account, and receive the same level of live protection you’ve learned to count on from MyPermissions.

If you’re a new user, no worries: just go to our homepage and click “install” — you’ll be directed to the right page for your browser.

Your Personal Information, in your hands.

The MyPermissions Team

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