How to make sure you don’t give your Twitter away to just any app

Twitter MyPermissions

You have a Twitter account. You think you’ve given a handful of Twitter applications access to it but you’re not really sure. Now what?

MyPermissions can now give you control of apps, sites and services that have access to your personal information and your voice on Twitter, in real-time. This means that if you have the mobile application or browser extension for iOS or Android, you’ll get notifications every time your Twitter account wants to be accessed. You then have the power to reject or accept it. How handy is that?!

Apps and sites that’re authorized to access your Twitter account can also tweet in your name. They can post whatever they want, whenever they want. Some can even send private/direct messages!  Over the last couple of years, a lot of apps have taken advantage of this access and posted malicious spam-ridden posts leaving users feeling violated! MyPermissions can help you put away malicious and spammy apps.

Take a minute to see who has a hold of your private info. You’ll be shocked at how many apps already have access to it! Also remember, MyPermissions never saves any of your personal information. You’re logging directly in through the services, not with us!

MyPermissions stops apps tweeting on your behalf
MyPermissions stops apps accessing your personal info & tweeting on your behalf

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