Your face is the new credit card

Image from DeviantART
Image from DeviantART

It seems that a Finnish company called Uniqul has come out with a new way to pay in shops – with your face. Forget wallets, forget phones, forget finger prints or iris scans. This new tech uses your face to pay for shopping.

The way it works is when you reach the cashier, you simply look at the camera, see your ID pop up on a screen before you, then click “OK” to confirm the payment. Your ID and payment info is stored in a central system that shops have access to, which Fast Company reported, uses “military grade” encryption. They also say that users will be charged $1 a month for shops in a distance of 1-2km, and $9 unlimited.

So this system means you don’t need to drag a wallet around with you when you shop. It also means you don’t have to rely on anything but your handsome face to pay. In a way it makes you feel safer because you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet at home or even credit card theft. And it’s definitely harder to get your hands on one of those incredibly realistic masks, like in Mission Impossible, than it is to steal a credit card. But there are many other worries that come to mind..

How good is the recognition? – I mean, does it recognize changes in your look? Like 5 o’clock shadows, makeup, haircuts or perhaps weight loss? Can it tell the difference between identical twins or people that look alike?

Uniqul assures us that our payment info is secured by heavy duty software, but how secure are our features? Meaning, how do I know that no-one else, even someone who looks like me me, can access my account?

The company will be doing trial runs in Helsinki soon so I guess we’ll see how it goes over there!

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  1. liz

    I’d love to see credit cards use face recognition instead of a signature. I regularly now just put a smiley face on those electronic signature devices at the checkout counter. It accepts it without a problem.


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