It’s the size that matters

Have you ever read a privacy policy front to back? Perhaps you scan over them, looking for words like “third party” or “costs money”, but they’re pretty easy to miss.

So is it a matter of laziness, trust in the company, or maybe we need the service so much that we’re willing to forgo the policy?

bill was introduced in California a few months ago saying that policies will have to be up to 100 words and in simple words. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“This bill would require the privacy policy to be no more than 100 words, be written in clear and concise language, be written at no greater than an 8th grade reading level, and to include a statement indicating whether the personally identifiable information may be sold or shared with others, and if so, how and with whom the information may be shared.”

If privacy policies were shorter, would you bother reading them?

What about privacy policies in the form of an infographic, like the one below from Upworthy? Sure, it’s not legally binding but it’s definitely easier to look over!

Image from
Image from Upworthy

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