Twitter hacker strikes yet again!


It turns out that Chipotle faked this Twitter scam. It was a sneaky way to raise brand awareness and gain traffic. In fact, Mashable wrote that the account got about 4,000 followers that day and the hacked tweets, which weren’t deleted (I wonder why!), were retweeted 12,000 times! I guess they figured that “any press is good press”.

Yesterday, Chipotle’s Twitter went a little haywire, tweeting messages that were random and out of place. Soon after, they reported that they’d been hacked but it seems that they weren’t alone.

Image from Mashable
Image from Mashable

At the same time, Singer Katherin Jenkin had her Twitter hacked “by some crazy Selina Gomez fan!” she said. Her page was cleaned up (as in ALL old tweets were deleted) and the problem was solved, she announced. It’s a good thing these hacks didn’t cause any real damage!

2 weeks ago, Mashable posted that NHL player Tyler Seguin left Twitter indefinitely after his account was hacked. The hacker tweeted a homophobic movie reference in an attempt to damage his reputation. I guess he felt that the only way to remove the risk of getting hacked again was by deleting his account completely.

Image from BackSportsOnline
Image from BackSportsOnline

On a graver note, AP’s Twitter hack in April caused a momentary drop in the stock markets, as it falsely reported White House explosions. Quartz reported that the drop in the market bounced back sharply after the tweet was announced as “bogus“.

Image from
Image from Quartz

Then in May, E! reported that author Candace Bushnell’s Twitter was also hacked which resulted in a premature release of parts of her next novel. Following some shocking hack jobs like these, Twitter released a new login verification to keep the hackers out… or somewhat out at least.

It’s scary how in this day and age, social media has so much power. It’s also scary how dangerous it can be if a profile is hacked; stocks can fall and careers can plummet. It all comes down to protecting our online privacy.

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