Announcing the MyPermissions Trust Certification Program

A few weeks ago, we let you know we had been accepted as a finalist in the Startup Competition at LeWeb 2013 in London. The Startup Competition this year was focused on looking for the most exciting and innovative companies that related to “The New Sharing Economy, with thought leaders and key players shaping the sharing environment”. In our blog post, we also hinted as to an announcement we had in store when presenting.

Today our CEO Olivier Amar delivered his presentation to the LeWeb audience, and with it announced our latest offering that will help developers build trust with their communities: the Trust Certification Program.

The Trust Certification Program aims to standardize policies and usage of personally identifiable information (PII) between app developers and end users, giving developers a simple, free, but powerful way to build trust and transparency, drive conversion and retention and better protect the end user’s privacy and personal data. Certification applies to every product that integrated with an online service (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DropBox and others). It can be an app requiring access to your profile on these services, but it can also be a Website using the online services connect facility (such as Connect with Google or Facebook).

Check out our developers page for more information, or go cut to the chase and get certified now!

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