CISPA Shelved By Senate: So Now What?


Last week we talked about CISPA (Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act) heading to the Senate for vote and what you could do to help keep it at bay. A representative of the U.S. Senate Committee says “We’re not taking [CISPA] up. Staff and senators are divvying up the issues and they key provisions everyone agrees would need to be handled if we’re going to strengthen cybersecurity. They’ll be drafting separate bills.”

We are counting on the government to treat our virtual lives with the same reverence as our real ones. It is still important to contact your local, state, and federal representatives and let them know that you are passionate about your privacy and care about their stance on the subject. There will be another bill about information sharing. This isn’t over yet. CISPA’s wording was dangerously broad and far reaching. The description of what can be shared with the government, what can be done with the information  by companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter once it’s been opened to the government was also not specified.

It’s important to establish a cybersecurity bill for national security purposes. Top intelligence officials say hackers now pose a greater threat to national security than terrorists. Is that propaganda or bleak prediction? Let’s not find out. But let’s not sacrifice our civil liberties to protect ourselves from potential threats.

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