New Study Shows Comprehension Rates for TOS of Google/Facebook is Less Than 40%

“I accept and agree to the Terms of Service” is likely one of the biggest lies of our time. A study released by Siegel+Gale proves credit card agreements are easier to understand than Google and Facebook policies – yet we absentmindedly check the “Agree” box like it’s meaningless. Of the 400 participants in the study, comprehension rates for credit card agreements and government notices were 67-70%, however for Google and Facebook policies, the rate drops to a frightening 36-39%.

Only one out of every five Facebook users were able to successfully block a third party app from accessing their information after studying their privacy policy. One out of five people! And Google users weren’t any better off: less than one in four users could even figure out whether or not their profile was publicly viewable!

“It’s time for these online giants to recognize that their policies bring an unacceptable web of complexity and risk to the lives of their users. The lack of understanding of online privacy is pervasive,” said Thomas Mueller, global director of customer experience of Siegel+Gale. “Bringing greater simplicity to what Web users read online will engender trust among users and only benefit Facebook’s and Google’s reputation.”

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Stay on top of things by regularly scanning your social spaces with MyPermissions Cleaner. We’ll show you in a clear to read, easy to understand way, just who has access to what. If something doesn’t sit well with you, disconnect them from your space right there in the interface. No digging around ever changing settings!


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