Students Have Anonymously Created “Confessions” Pages on Facebook

By now, most college students know Facebook is the last place you should bare your soul. One little tweak to the Privacy Policy, a dash of “opt in by default”, a pinch of your data… and suddenly gramma knows how many shots of Jagermeister it takes for you to pass out.

Clever kids give a nod to PostSecret with their desire to FYI & TMI. “Confessions” pages are popping up where innovative oversharers are using Google forms and third party app SurveyMonkey to anonymously post the debauchery of their friends, their foes, and themselves.

It’s interesting to note that under the blanket of anonymity people are drawn to share very personal and private truths, and seem to gain some kind of cathartic release from the act. However this can easily backfire as online bullies attempt to use these pages as platforms for spreading rumors or damaging the reputation of others.

Facebook insists these pages are within the boundaries of their Terms of Service “as long as the content is civil“, however when Montana Police asked Facebook to remove two “confessions” pages a local High School had created, students reacted by creating yet another.

It’s more concerning where it comes to minors than college students, though in no context is it ok to use social media to expose the offline activities of others – especially with intentions to harm their reputation. A raunchy mention on the internet can follow you forever thanks to search engines and archives.

What do you think… should Facebook be allowing these pages? Is there anything we can do to keep others from posting about us or is it a lost cause?

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