Social Listening by Companies: Too Much Big Brother?

Is it a violation of privacy when companies apply “social listening” techniques? New research from Netbase & JD Power and Associates has some interesting, and sometimes hypocritical, information.

Just the Facts:

  • 42% of companies have social listening as a top 3 priority in 2013
  • 32% of consumers have no idea companies are even listening
  • 51% want to talk about companies in social media without them listening
  • 43% think listening in social media intrudes on privacy
  • 48% of customers say companies should just listen in social to improve products and services
  • 58% have a double standard – they want companies to only respond to complaints in social media
  • 42% expect companies to respond to positive comments in social media
  • 64% want companies to respond to social comments only when spoken to
Check out the infographic after the jump!

The most important take-away is #3:

Engage with the intention of delivering mutual value.

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