Facebook Will Soon Be Able to Track You Everywhere

It’s rumored that Facebook is developing a smartphone app that will be capable of tracking the user wherever they go – even if the app is not open and in use. Bloomberg claims news of it being scheduled for release by Spring.

The app is being presented as a way for you to see what Facebook friends of yours are close by. A novel idea, but we know good and well just how the novel ideas of innovation can easily turn into a privacy nightmare. People are already checking in and sharing their location, Facebook seems to be looking for a way to benefit more from this and their millions of mobile users. Bloomberg is also reporting that you may have already granted Facebook permission to run your info on this new app, so they don’t have to ask you again whether or not it’s ok – even though they are using your info in a completely new context.

Are you worried about how Facebook will use this technology? Do you think they will find new ways to exploit the access you give them, or will you trust them not to? Even worse really, are you worried about the potential for stalkers and other foul intentioned people might take advantage of this kind of app?


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