Google Your Date? No Spoilers!

As tempting as it can be to Google that someone new, there’s a lot to be said for unwrapping a person like a present (that you may or may not want to return). There’s also a kind of respect in giving them the opportunity to share things with you on their own terms. If and when they choose to. It’s kind of weird to sit down with someone new and not know what they do or don’t know about you already. There’s an unspoken Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that we each navigate independently within our day to day actions. There is so much talk about what this or that company has done right or wrong in regard to privacy issues, but everyday people make similar choices within their own contexts.

Why rush into it? Besides, you don’t want to end up connected everywhere if it only lasts a few dates. Invite each other in, don’t just barge through the door.

Do you Google your dates? Stalk their Facebooks? Or do you give real life a chance to make the first impression?


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